Our services

Our full-service equine clinic offers outpatient and inpatient care for most medical procedures. You can retain our services for your Purebred, Pony, Quarter Horse, Trotter, Draft or Pleasure Horse.


Our team will offer you unparalleled expertise and personalized service using state-of-the-art equipment. Our renowned surgeon, who has many years of experience and is committed to your horse’s health and well-being, will care for your horse from the moment it arrives.


We offer a wide range of simple to advanced surgeries. Contact us to learn about our full range of services or inquire about invasive surgeries or standing procedures that don’t require general anesthesia.


Services offered:

  • Orthopedic surgery, including arthroscopy and fracture repair
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Respiratory surgery such as tie-back, tie-forward, sinus disease, etc.
  • Correction of angular defects or contractures in foals

Sports medicine

Our veterinarian is passionate about equine athletes and is committed to providing them with thorough care. She grew up in equestrian sports and understands horses’ specific issues and needs in each discipline, including racing. So, whether you’re competing with friends or at the international level, we offer several options based on a multidisciplinary approach to maximize your horse’s performance.


Services offered:

  • Lameness examination (first or second opinion)
  • Pre-sale or pre-purchase examination
  • Assessment of performance problems
  • Shockwave therapy to stimulate healing


We can handle many types of emergencies. However, we don’t currently offer any emergency services outside the clinic’s business hours. However, we remain available to follow up on our patients.

Rehabilitation and post-operative care

You are in the middle of the competition season, your trainer is absent, you don’t have the necessary knowledge, or you simply don’t have the time to take care of your horse’s rehabilitation? No problem! We’re here for you! We offer complete rehabilitation and post-operative follow-up services. Our team works with your veterinarian to draw up a plan that meets the specific needs of your horse’s condition.


We take care of each stage of rehabilitation, according to your specific needs, and always under veterinary supervision. From the immediate post-operative period to the return to the saddle, we’ll be there at every step.


Services offered:

  • Post-operative care (bandage changes, wound monitoring, administration of medication, etc.)
  • Return to work (in-hand walking, controlled tour of the paddock, return to saddle, etc.)


A horse spends about 16 hours a day feeding. Therefore, a horse’s teeth are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, dental problems are prevalent in horses and can lead to serious health problems.


Services offered:

  • Tooth extraction/repulsion
  • Assessment and follow-up of complex dental problems
  • Sinus surgery

The expertise needed to treat horses in all disciplines