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Clinique vétérinaire équine du Harfang Dre Sylvie Surprenant, vétérinaire équine

Dr. Sylvie Surprenant, DVM

Dr. Surprenant's passion for horses began with her first riding lessons at the age of five. Her determination to pursue a career in the equine field led her to participate in many competitions at the provincial level. After being a stable girl and a groom, she became an instructor and quickly made her mark in the equine industry. In 1980, after graduating from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Université de Montréal, Dr. Surprenant completed an internship in equine surgery and medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the world's most renowned equine medicine schools.

Dr. Surprenant's professional career has taken her to many international events. She has worked as a veterinarian at many prestigious competitions, including the London, Rio and Beijing Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, and several World Equestrian Games.

Dr. Surprenant enjoys an excellent reputation in the equine world thanks to her professionalism, rigour, and unparalleled know-how. She focuses on offering quality care that promotes the well-being of the horse and exceeds the expectations of her clients.

Dr. Marie-Soleil Dubois, DVM, DACVS-LA

A true horse and equestrian enthusiast, Dr. Dubois always knew that she wanted to devote herself to the care of large animals by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

She graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe in 2009 and then continued her studies in the United States in 2011, specializing in large animal surgery during her residency at the University of Wisconsin. She is a Diplomate of the ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons).

After graduating, she worked tirelessly to gain experience in all aspects of surgery and sports medicine. She worked in Ontario for several years, where she treated horses in all disciplines: racing, sport, draft, western, etc. Recognized for her dedication and expertise, she’ll do everything possible to offer the best care and services to your horses, regardless of discipline.

Marie-Soleil Dubois, vétérinaire, chirurgienne équine

Support team

A common passion: a love of horses

Équipe Clinique vétérinaire équine du Harfang Frédérique Burelle-Jeannotte technicienne santé animale

Frédérique Burelle-Jeannotte
Animal Health Technician

Frédérique has owned a sport horse for 15 years and has worked in the equestrian world for almost 20 years as a stable girl, groom, and rider. Her passion for the equestrian field harkens back to her childhood.

Frédérique completed her Animal Health studies at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe in 2019. From the beginning of her studies in 2016, she broadened her expertise in diverse animal health fields. She discovered equine medicine during her end-of-study internships with Dr. Surprenant.

Her work in a referral centre has allowed her to develop a keen interest in anesthesia and surgery, as well as perfect her technical skills and acquire the knowledge and skills required in this field. Frédérique is well equipped to accompany you. She looks forward to caring for your horses as if they were her own.

Mathieu Mardon
Veterinary Assistant

Originally from the north of France, Mathieu started riding at a very young age. Quickly, riding became a passion for him, so much so that he chose to study agriculture in Normandy, a horse breeding area. In 2015, he obtained his BAC as well as a diploma as a sports teacher specializing in horse riding. He teaches in an apprenticeship centre for apprentices of different horse-related trades. At the same time, he performs in young horse cycles as well as in full competitive cycles.

At the age of 25, he decided to leave Europe to settle in Quebec. He’s looking to perfect his knowledge, improve his skills in the equestrian field and discover new practices related to ethology.

Since 2018, Mathieu has been putting his knowledge into practice and looking after the well-being and health of your horse as our Veterinary Assistant. Mathieu's background, expertise and extensive knowledge acquired over the past 20 years make him an invaluable resource for our clinic.

Clinique vétérinaire équine du Harfang Mathieu Mardon Assistant vétérinaire

Audrey Morissette
Animal health support

Audrey discovered a passion for horses when she was very young. At the age of seven, she diligently took riding lessons every week. In 1999, she began training in Equine Technology in La Pocatière. Through her contacts with veterinarians, she discovered a new passion for breeding. During an internship in a breeding and competition stable in France, she discovered the source of the breeder's pride.

After graduation, Audrey first practiced at W. Charlot Farms, a breeding and competition stable with a herd of 100 horses: stallions, brood mares, young horses, and horses in training. Audrey's work there was varied: stallion collection, ultrasound and artificial insemination, foaling assistance, foal implanting, etc. She worked with and rubbed elbows with equestrian celebrities for 16 years. Ultimately though, her greatest pride lies in breaking-in young horses and fostering their development.

Her dedication and eagerness to work at the vet's side make her a much-appreciated helper.

Pre- and post-operative care is provided by an experienced team concerned about the animal's well-being. The team also follows up closely with the client to ensure that the treatment plan is well understood.

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